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You can borrow up to 6 items per child, per fortnight (up to a max. 10 toys per membership), which includes a selection of puzzles, costumes, games & toys.

We have a wide range of educational, non-violent fun toys for a range of ages from birth to early primary years.

The categories of toys include:

  • Active/Outdoor play
  • Baby play
  • Construction
  • Costumes
  • Educational/Electrical
  • Games
  • Imagination
  • Music
  • Transport
  • Puzzles

Terms & Conditions for Borrowing:

  • There is an overdue fee of $1 per toy per week that it is overdue. It is also $2 if a piece is missing, which will be refunded if the piece is returned. If a toy is damaged or broken to a point that can no long be borrowed, it may need to be taken to the committee, and the damage assessed, and a suitable fine – if any – will be agreed upon.
  • It is extremely important that toys are returned cleaned and disinfected. Please clean your toys thoroughly in warm soapy water or wipe down toys before returning them.
  • Members are required to complete duty if they have not paid the ‘no duty levy’. We do offer a 6 month maternity leave. If you are due to have a baby we will not roster you on duty.
  • Members are asked to count the pieces of their toys when borrowing/returning them.
  • Any damage or lost pieces must be reported.
  • The Toy Library is run by its members who are all Volunteers.
  • Please tell a committee member if you have any special skills or knowledge that may be of value. Or if you have any suggestions on how the Toy Library could operate better