Our toy library is 100% volunteer run, which means without our volunteers we wouln’t be here! Due to this, each member is required to complete volunteer duty throughout their membership year. Duty involves assisting the duty supervisor during the Toy Library open hours.

These duties are rostered in advance and the member will receive notification, you can even self-nominate online so you get the days that suit you! Duty is fun and easy and a great chance to check out & have first dibs on the toys available too.  You may be required to complete duty four to six times a year. 

Volunteer duty during an open session involves:

  • Entering loans/returns on the computer;
  • Count the toys and their pieces as they are returned; 
  • Help put toys away; and
  • Cleaning, tidying and other small tasks as required.

At the Wangaratta Community Toy Library, we love community so feel free to use your community to help with volunteer duty. Volunteer duty can be completed by parents, granparents, aunties, uncles – any responsible adult is welcome to help out!