• Only members with a current paid up membership can borrow. Membership entitles you to borrow up to the maximum capacity for your membership type at any one time with no additional fee. This does not include party hire toys which incur an additional fee. Please note some toys, such as those marked with a star, have different borrowing conditions which are listed on the toy label. 

Borrowing limits are as follows:

Membership TypeItems per fortnight
Family (2 or more children)10 maximum
Single (one child)6 maximum
Concession or Grandparent6 per child up to 10 maximum for membership
Group – playgroup, school etc.10 maximum – 1 month borrowing period
  • Toys must be returned on or before the due date. Normal borrowing length is 2 weeks, with online renewal available via for a further 2 week period. A late fee of $1 per toy will be charged per week overdue. Please email or message The Wangaratta Community Toy Library if you have difficulty returning items. Please note, some toys may have renewal restrictions. 
  • Members are entitled to hire party items including jumping castles. These items incur an additional fee and bookings are essential. Please refer to the Party Packs page for further information including current hire costs.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to check that toys, games or puzzles are complete when borrowing. Members are asked to count the pieces of their toys when borrowing/returning them. Toys should be counted on the day of borrowing, with notification of any missing pieces or damage to be emailed to immediately with the toy number and correct details.

Members are responsible for the care of borrowed toys.

  • All toys, costumes, games and puzzles need to be handled with care to ensure they remain in good condition and can be used by other toy library members. Remember toys and food do not mix. The toy library does not provide batteries for toys. It is the borrower’s responsibility to provide batteries if required.
  • There is a $2 per piece fee for any missing pieces. You may borrow the toy for additional 2 week period to try and locate any missing pieces prior to the fee being charged. The missing piece fee is fully refundable should the original missing piece be located and returned.  If the toy becomes inoperable due to the missing piece/s, you will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee.
  • If a toy is lost, you will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee. You may borrow the toy for additional 2 week period to try and locate it.
  • If a toy breaks due to reasonable wear and tear or poor condition there will be no charge.
  • If a toy is broken due to inappropriate use or neglect including damage by pets, you will be charged the full cost of replacing the toy or you may replace the toy yourself. To avoid damage, toys should NOT be left in hot sun or weather when not in use.
  • It is extremely important that toys are returned cleaned and disinfected. Please clean your toys thoroughly following these suggested cleaning guidelines. The Wangaratta Community Toy Library reserves the right to charge a Toy Cleaning fee of $10 per toy if a toy is returned dirty to cover cleaning costs.

Volunteer Duties

  • The Toy Library is run by its members who are all Volunteers. To ensure that membership fees remain as low as possible, all members (except those who have purchased a No Duty Membership) are required to contribute to the running of the Toy Library through roster duty. 
  • Roster duty is completed as four to six seperate 1.5 hour rostered sessions throughout the year (depending on member numbers, this duty may be required more or less often). Members have the option of choosing their preferred roster sessions by logging into and viewing the “Calendar” function. From Calendar, members may self-nominate for specific roster sessions. 
  • Being on duty is a great opportunity for members to get to know each other and increase their knowledge of the toys in the toy library. All new members with duty requirements will be rostered on with an experienced Duty Supervisor to help show them how our Toy Library runs. Members are welcome to bring their children with them to complete duty at the library. Parents are responsible for supervising their own children while in the library.
  • We do offer a 6 month maternity leave from duty requirements following the birth of a baby. Please notify the rostering coordinator if you require maternity leave.
  • From time to time the committee may put a call out to volunteers to assist at events or stocktake. Your assistance at these types of events is greatly appreciated.
  • Other volunteer opportunities may arise as the toy library grows and evolves so if you are unable to complete regular shifts you may be able to fulfil your volunteer duties in other ways. Please contact the committee if you would like to volunteer in other ways. 
  • We understand that things in life happen and sometimes roster duties need to change. To keep the Toy Library running smoothly, cancelling duty needs to be done as far in advance as possible to allow for replacement volunteers to be found. It is the responsibility of the cancelling member to notify the Committee via email and to find a replacement for the cancelled shift, member contact details are available by hovering over member names on the setls calendar to make swapping shifts easier. Members are welcome to arrange for other friends or family to complete their shifts if they are unable to attend. If you fail to attend your rostered duty and have not notified the Committee or organised a replacement, a missed duty will be recorded on SeTLS.
  • Any missed duties must be completed within one month or an extra two duty sessions for the membership year will need to be completed. Any member who fails to attend duty three times in a membership year will automatically lose their membership.

Child Safety

  • The Wangaratta Community Toy Library is committed to child safety.  We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers. We are committed to the safety of all children. All of our volunteers must read, sign and agree to abide by our child safe code of conduct, which specifies the standards of conduct required when working with children.  
  • Parents/guardians should always supervise their children at the toy library (this is not the responsibility of volunteers on duty). For the safety of your children and others, please do not let your children ride or climb on the toys when in the toy library and please ensure any toys that your children may play with are packed up before leaving.
  • Members must provide helmets for children using any bikes, scooters or bike style toys. All members must read and sign the waiver, release and indemnity for bicycle and scooters before being eligible to borrow these items.
  • The borrower of any item is responsible and to be aware of any safety regulations in relation to the use of equipment e.g. soft fall, helmets, etc. Parental supervision is recommended at all times. 

The Wangaratta Community Toy Library Committee reserve the right to reject or terminate membership where breach of the  terms and conditions of membership has occurred.